Aqra Anticline: A Growing Structure in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region

Ala A. Ghafur, Varoujan K. Sissakian, Hawkar A. Abdulhaq, Hassan O. Omar


Aqra Anticline is a double plunging anticline, oriented NW–SE with a steep southwestern limb and even overturned. Geomorphological features are interpreted using satellite images, as a result, it was found that the anticline shows clear geomorphological and structural features which indicate the lateral growth of the anticline. Among those features are water gaps, wind gaps, forked-shaped valleys, curved valleys, inclined valleys and dislocated and abandoned alluvial fans. Some of the vague interpreted features were checked and confirmed in the field.


Aqra anticline, En-echelon plunging, Lateral growth, Radial valleys, Water gap

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