ARO Office

Shakar Hadi Kareem, Secretary of the Journal and CopyEditor

Shakar H. Kareem secretary journal of ARO. In 2014 she achieved her BA in English language and literature at Koya University. She has worked as an assistant translator at Koya University for several months translating and editing many documents from different fields.





Harith Ismaiel Turki, Proofreader

Dr Harith I. Turki is an Associate professor, at the Department of English, Koya university. He has a BA in English language and literature, MA in Modern English Drama and PhD in Modern American Drama. He published a number of articles and he also participated in a number of conferences. He is also recognized as an international English poet. Dr Harith is a member of the Arab World Union of Translators. He is also a member of the Arab Society of English Language Studies ASELS. (see TAP)