At Aro - The Scientific Journal of Koya University, we are dedicated to maintaining a high standard of quality in scientific publications that have both local and global impacts. To ensure the integrity of our journal, all submissions undergo a rigorous and thorough peer review process. Here are the key characteristics of our peer review process:
  1. Double-Blind Peer Review: The journal follows a double-blind peer review process, where the identities of both the authors and the reviewers are kept confidential to ensure unbiased evaluations.

  2. Exclusive Submissions: Simultaneous submissions of the same manuscript to multiple journals are not permitted. We expect authors to submit their work exclusively to Aro.

  3. Scope Alignment: Manuscripts that fall within the defined scope of the journal will be considered for review. Submissions outside the scope will not be accepted.

  4. Expert Referees: Each submitted manuscript is carefully evaluated by at least two experts in the field, as suggested by our esteemed editorial board. Editors may seek additional reviews when necessary, ensuring comprehensive evaluations.

  5. Publication Decisions: The journal's Editors-in-Chief make all publication decisions based on the reports provided by the reviewers. Authors of papers that are not accepted will be promptly notified.

  6. Confidentiality: All submitted manuscripts are treated as confidential documents. We expect our Board of Reviewing Editors, Associate Editors, and reviewers to maintain strict confidentiality throughout the review process.

  7. Conflict of Interest: Editors, Associate Editors, and reviewers involved in the review process are required to disclose any conflicts of interest resulting from direct competitive, collaborative, or other relationships with the authors. They must recuse themselves from cases where such conflicts may affect the objectivity of the evaluation. Any privileged information obtained during the peer review must not be used for personal gain.

It is important to note that our peer review process is confidential, and the identities of the reviewers remain anonymous.

Please be aware that Aro journal is a member of CrossRef and utilizes CrossRef services, such as CrossCheck. All submitted manuscripts undergo thorough plagiarism checks using the CrossCheck database to detect any instances of plagiarism or self-plagiarism. We have a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism.

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