Repository Policy with Jisc Sherpa Services

At ARO - The Scientific Journal of Koya University, we are dedicated to supporting open access initiatives and ensuring the accessibility and preservation of scholarly research. As part of our commitment, we have established a repository policy in collaboration with Jisc Sherpa Services.

Under our repository policy, it is the responsibility of the ARO management office to deposit a copy of all published material in an institutional or subject-based repository. This process takes place when an issue of the journal is finalized and closed. By depositing the published articles in repositories, we aim to enhance the visibility and long-term availability of the research outputs.

We are proud to collaborate with Jisc Sherpa Services, a trusted organization that provides guidance and support for repositories and open access publishing. Through this partnership, we ensure that our repository policy aligns with the best practices and guidelines recommended by Jisc Sherpa Services.

By adhering to this policy, we contribute to the wider dissemination of scholarly work and facilitate global access to research findings. Depositing articles in repositories not only increases their discoverability, but also promotes collaboration and knowledge exchange among researchers worldwide.

We encourage our authors to familiarize themselves with our repository policy and the specific requirements outlined by Jisc Sherpa Services. Should you have any questions or need further assistance regarding the repository deposit process, our dedicated editorial team is available to provide guidance and support.

Together with Jisc Sherpa Services, we are committed to promoting open access principles and ensuring the long-term preservation of scholarly research. By implementing our repository policy, we aim to create a sustainable publishing environment that maximizes the impact and accessibility of the published articles.

Thank you for your cooperation in complying with our repository policy. Your contributions are instrumental in advancing scientific knowledge and fostering a culture of open access and collaboration.

Aro - The Scientific Journal of Koya University

Title: Aro - The Scientific Journal of Koya University [English]
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