Editorial Team

Executive Editors

The Executive Editorial Board (EEB) of Aro is composed of renowned experts in the subject areas relevant to the journal's scope. These experts have extensive experience in their respective fields, and they are committed to ensuring the highest standards of editorial excellence and integrity.

The EEB meets on a regular basis to review and discuss the latest articles submitted to the journal. They carefully assess each article's scientific merit, relevance to the journal's scope, and adherence to the journal's publication guidelines. The EEB also provides feedback to authors on how to improve their manuscripts.

Aro strictly adheres to the Guidelines for Editorial Board Participation. These guidelines ensure that the EEB is composed of independent and impartial experts who are committed to the highest standards of editorial ethics. The guidelines also ensure that the EEB's decision-making process is transparent and fair.

The EEB plays a vital role in ensuring the quality of Aro's published content. The board's expertise and dedication help to ensure that Aro remains a leading international journal in its field.

Aro's current Executive Editorial Board Members:

  1. Dr. Mohammed H. S. Zangana, Executive Publisher, Iraq
  2. Dr. Dilan M. Rostam, Editor-in-Chief, United Kingdom
  3. Prof. Salah I. Yahya, Managing & Executive Editor, Iraq
  4. Dr. Fahmi F. Muhammad, Executive Editor, Iraq
  5. Prof. Wali M. Hamad, Executive Editor, Iraq
  6. Prof. Jorge Correia, Executive Editor, Portugal
  7. Dr. Fouad Mohammed, Executive Editor, United Kingdom
  8. Dr.  Jacek Binda, Executive Editor, Poland
  9. Prof. Nadhir Al-Ansari, Executive Editor, Sweden
  10. Prof. Howri Mansurbeg, Executive Editor, Canada
  11. Dr. Tara Fuad Tahir, Executive Editor, Iraq
  12. Prof. Yazen A. Khaleel, Executive Editor, Iraq
  13. Prof. Mohammad Gh. Faraj, Executive Editor, Iraq
  14. Dr. Sahar B. Mahmood, Executive Editor, Iraq
  15. Prof. Dr. S. Mohammad Sajadi, Executive Editor, Iran

Mohammed H. S. Zangana, Executive Publisher

Mohammed H. S. Zangana is currently the President of Koya University , since June 2022, and a member of Petroleum Engineering Department teaching staff since 2004. Dr. Zangana has a Ph.D.  degree from University of Nottingham on Multiphase Flow for oil and gas production. In addition to the Kurdistan Regional Government and Koya University, his PhD research project was part from TMF funded by a number of world's well-known oil and gas companies such as; BP Exploration; Chevron; ExxonMobil; Petrobras; PETRONAS; Shell; Statoil and TOTAL. During his Msc study at University of Baghdad, the Natural Gas processing was the focus of Dr. Zangana's Research work. Dr. Zangana is very active researcher especially in the fields of multiphase flow, natural gas processing, renewable energy and environment. He has many publications in well known journals and international conferences and he has been awarded a number of international grants for his research projects. (see TAP). [⮹ e-mail: mohammed.zangana@koyauniversity.org]

Dilan M. Rostam, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to Aro, the esteemed platform for groundbreaking research in the Kurdistan Region. I am Dr. Dilan M. Rostam (Roshani), privileged to serve as the Editor-in-Chief of this prestigious journal. With a deep commitment to transforming higher education, fostering student-centered learning, and quality impactful research work, I founded Aro in 2013. Alongside my dedicated editorial team, we envisioned Aro as a globally recognized publication dedicated to promoting quality and innovative research within our region. Throughout my career, I have been deeply immersed in the world of academia, holding key positions such as Vice President for Scientific Affairs and Assistant Professor at Koya University's Department of Architectural Engineering. My educational journey has taken me to Chalmers University in Sweden, where I earned my B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Civil Engineering/Structural. Building upon my passion for knowledge, I pursued a Ph.D. in Civil/Structural Engineering from The University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, where I pioneered a revolutionary platform for virtual collaborative design in the AEC Industry. Since 2010, I have worked tirelessly with e-Smart and digital transformation concepts. In 2011, I established the ZankoLine nationwide system for student admission to universities in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. I have been a strong proponent of e-Smart campuses and digital literacy in regional higher education. I currently work as a senior lecturer and researcher at the University of Duhok. I am confident to use my knowledge and expertise to help Aro in its endeavours. (see Academic Digital Profile ).
[⮹ e-mail: dilan.rostam@koyauniversity.org]

Salah I. Yahya, Managing & Executive Editor

Salah I. Yahya is a Full Professor, joined the Department of Software Engineering at Koya University in 2010. He has a B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering, M.Sc. degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and Ph.D. degree in Communication and Microwave Engineering. He is a Senior member of the IEEE-USA, Consultant at the Iraqi Engineering Union, and a member of AMTA-USA, SDIWC-Hong Kong. Prof. Yahya is a regular reviewer of the Electromagnetics Academy, Cambridge, USA, PIERS Journals publications, since 2009, Science and Engineering of Composite Materials journal and International Journal of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics, as well as, a regular reviewer of many journals published by MDPI (Academic OpenAccess Publishing). He has more than (100) ISI&Scopus published paper. Recently, he is a Full-time Managing and Executive Editor of ARO Journal. His research interest includes: Antenna, EM Wave propagation, Microwave passive components, Microwave measurement, Electromagnetic compatibility, ANN. (see TAP).
[⮹ e-mail: salah.ismaeel@koyauniversity.org]

Fahmi F. Muhammad, Executive Editor

Fahmi Fariq is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics, Koya University. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Solar Energy from the University of Malaya, where he also conducted postdoctoral research. With a focus on solar energy, Fahmi has published 82 research papers in esteemed international journals, showcasing his expertise and dedication. As a professional member of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) and the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM), Fahmi remains actively involved in advancing scientific knowledge. He has also been serving as an Executive Editor for ARO-The Scientific Journal of Koya University since 2014. Fahmi's research interests encompass various aspects of solar energy, including solar cells and metamaterials. His contributions and a notable H-index of 22 highlight his commitment to driving innovation in the field and his valuable contributions to the academic community at Koya University. (see TAP).
[⮹ e-mail: fahmi.fariq@koyauniversity.org]

Wali M. Hamad, Executive Editor

Wali M. Hamad, an eminent and accomplished Professor in the department of Chemistry at Koya University, boasts a remarkable academic journey. His Ph.D. degree in physical chemistry, with a focus on liquid crystal research, was earned from the prestigious University of Baghdad in 2001. Dr. Hamad's exceptional leadership skills and dedication to education were evident during his tenure as the President of the Koya Technical Institute from May 2004 to November 2010, where he also led the Department of Oil Refinery for a year. Additionally, he served as the President of Koya University and Executive Publisher of Aro from 2015 to 2022, contributing significantly to the growth and development of both institutions. Dr. Hamad played a pivotal role in the establishment of the College of Science at Koya University, leaving an enduring impact on the academic landscape. As an active member of the Teacher Federation and the Physics and Chemistry Society of Kurdistan, his commitment to the advancement of scientific knowledge is unwavering. Dr. Hamad's profound expertise is evident in his extensive research contributions, encompassing fields such as physical chemistry, advanced thermodynamics, and cultural science and politics. His scholarly works have been published in esteemed national and international journals and magazines. As a valued member of the Aro editorial team, Dr. Hamad's wealth of knowledge and expertise continues to enrich the journal's scientific discourse, leaving an indelible mark in the academic world.   (click to see TAP).
[⮹ e-mail: wali.hamad@koyauniversity.org]

Jorge Correia, Executive Editor

Jorge Correia  is a highly accomplished scholar with a profound dedication to the fields of architecture and urban studies. Holding a degree in Architecture and a Ph.D. from the University of Porto, Portugal, he has made significant contributions to research projects and scientific commissions. His extensive publication record includes impactful articles, book chapters, and conference papers. Prof. Correia's expertise has earned him invitations to deliver lectures and teach at renowned institutions worldwide, including UFRJ and UFES in Brazil, UJI in Spain, and Koya University in Kurdistan, Iraq. Currently serving as a Professor at the School of Architecture, Art and Design/University of Minho in Guimarães, he also acts as the Deputy Director of the Landscape, Heritage and Territory Lab (Lab2PT), overseeing various Master and Ph.D. theses. Prof. Correia's leadership was demonstrated during his presidency of the European Architectural History Network (EAHN) from 2020 to 2022. His research interests encompass the architectural and urban aspects of European colonial expansion, the cultural dimensions of heritage, and the study of traditional Islamic cities and their representation. With his extensive international experience and expertise, Prof. Correia is a valuable member of the Aro editorial team, bringing a unique perspective to the field of architecture and urban studies. (click to check his Academic Digital Portfolio)
[⮹ e-mail: jorge.correia@arquitetura.uminho.pt]

Fouad Mohammed, Executive Editor

Fouad Mohammad is an esteemed Senior Lecturer at the School of Architecture Design and the Built Environment, Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom. With a strong dedication to education, Dr. Mohammad imparts his knowledge in structural analysis to undergraduate Civil Engineering and Building Surveying students, as well as advanced-level courses for postgraduate Civil Engineering students. He is also actively involved in supervising the research work of B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. Civil Engineering students. Dr. Mohammad's exceptional teaching skills have been recognized with the prestigious Teacher Of the Year award from his university in 2022. His research expertise encompasses various areas, including the analysis and design of steel and reinforced concrete structures, finite element methods in structural and solid mechanics, railway track foundation, and soil-structure interaction. Through his valuable contributions to both academia and research, Dr. Mohammad greatly enhances the field of structural engineering and plays a vital role in the success of Aro journal. (Click to access his Academic Digital Portfolio at NTU).
[⮹ e-mail: fouad.mohammad@ntu.ac.uk]

Jacek Binda, Executive Editor

Jacek Binda is an accomplished Associate Professor at the Bielsko-Biala School of Finance and Law in Poland. He holds a Ph.D. degree from the Department of Electronics and Information Technology at Warsaw University of Technology, as well as an MD degree from the Department of Automatic Control, Electronics, and Computer Science at Silesian University of Technology. With his extensive expertise, Dr. Binda actively contributes to various European centers, commissions, and organizations. He has an impressive track record of scientific publications, showcasing his commitment to advancing knowledge in his field. In recognition of his exceptional leadership and expertise, Dr. Binda currently serves as the Vice Rector at the Bielsko-Biala School of Finance and Law. Aro is privileged to have Dr. Jacek Binda as a valued member of its editorial team.
[⮹ email: jbinda@wsfip.edu.pl] [url: http://www.wsfip.edu.pl]

Nadhir Al-Ansari, Executive Editor

Nadhir Al-Ansari is a highly accomplished Professor at Luleå University of Technology in Sweden, specializing in Civil, Environmental, and Natural Resources Engineering. With a distinguished academic background, he holds a BSc and MSc from the University of Baghdad and obtained his PhD in Water Resources Engineering from Dundee University. Throughout his illustrious career, Nadhir has contributed significantly to the fields of Geology, Water Resources, and Environment. His extensive research portfolio comprises over 900 articles in prestigious international and national journals, as well as 22 books and book chapters. He has executed more than 60 major research projects across Iraq, Jordan, Sweden, and the UK. Nadhir's dedication extends to mentoring and guiding the next generation of researchers, having supervised over 70 postgraduate students at universities worldwide. He has received numerous scientific and educational accolades, including the British Council's top 5 scientists in Cultural Relations award. As a distinguished member of various scientific societies, including the International Association of Hydrological Sciences and Chartered Institution of Water and Environment Management, Nadhir serves on the editorial boards of 42 esteemed international journals. His expertise and commitment continue to drive advancements in his field. Here is his Google Scholar Account and his University Portfolio.
[⮹ email: nadhir.alansari@ltu.se] 

Howri Mansurbeg, Executive Editor

Howri Mansurbeg Howri Mansurbeg, an esteemed Professor in Petroleum Geoscientist, brings extensive expertise in diagenesis, sequence stratigraphy, and reservoir characterization of siliciclastics and carbonates. He earned his PhD from Uppsala University, Sweden, in 2007. With a focus on hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation in carbonate reservoirs, Mansurbeg employs an integrated multidisciplinary approach in his research, specifically in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the United Arab Emirates. Throughout his career, he has worked with various international oil companies in Europe and the US, contributing to numerous technical reports and research articles over the past 15 years. Mansurbeg's academic and managerial experience spans across prestigious institutions in Europe and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Currently serving as an Adjunct Professor at the School of the Environment University of Windsor, Canada, he continues to advance knowledge in the field of petroleum geoscience. Aro is honored to have Prof. Howri Mansurbeg as a distinguished member of its editorial team.
[⮹ email: howri.mansurbeg@uwindsor.ca]

Tara Fuad Tahir, Executive Editor

Tara F. Tahir is a senior lecturer of Electroanalytical Chemistry at the Faculty of Science and Health, Koya University. She holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Electrochemistry from Universiti Sains Malaysia. With expertise in sensors, electrochemistry, and analytical techniques, Dr. Tahir's research focuses on developing innovative sensor technologies and applying electrochemical methods to environmental analysis. Her contributions to the field are evident through her extensive publication record and active participation in scientific conferences and collaborations. As an Editorial Board member of Aro, Dr. Tahir plays a vital role in upholding the journal's mission of promoting high-quality scientific research. Her dedication and expertise contribute to Aro's reputation as a leading platform for cutting-edge research. We are honored to have Dr. Tara F. Tahir as part of the Aro team, and we appreciate her invaluable contributions to the field of Electroanalytical Chemistry. [see TAP]
[⮹ email: tara.fuad@koyauniversity.org].

Yazen A. Khaleel, Executive Editor

Yazen A. Khaleel is a distinguished member of the Aro team, serving as a Professor in the Department of Software Engineering at Koya University. With a strong educational background, he holds a B.Sc. degree in electrical and electronics engineering (1995), an MSc degree in Signal processing, and a PhD degree in Electronics and Digital Signal processing. Dr. Khaleel's expertise and contributions to the academic community are evident through his nine published journal articles and three conference papers. As a member of the Iraqi Engineers syndicate and the Kurdistan Engineering Union, he actively engages in promoting engineering excellence. Dr. Khaleel's specialization in software engineering allows him to bring valuable insights and knowledge to the field, fostering research and innovation. Aro is privileged to have Prof. Yazen A. Khaleel as part of its distinguished team, enriching the journal's academic endeavors, [see TAP].
[⮹ email: yazen.adnan@koyauniversity.org].

Mohammad G. Faraj, Executive Editor

Mohammad G. Faraj is a Professor at the Department of Physics, Koya University. He holds a Ph.D. degree in solar energy from the School of Physics, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). With extensive research experience, including a Post-doctorate Fellowship from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), Spain, Dr. Faraj has made significant contributions to the fields of solar cells, thin films, nanotechnology, polymers, and photodetectors Heterojunction. His research endeavors are showcased through his publications in prestigious ISI and Scopus journals, as well as his active participation in international conferences. As a respected member of the academic community, Dr. Faraj's expertise and commitment to advancing scientific knowledge enrich the research landscape at Koya University. We are honored to have Dr. Mohammad Ghaffar Faraj as a distinguished member of our team at Aro.  [see TAP]
[⮹ e-mail: mohammad.ghaffar@koyauniversity.org]

Sahar B. Mahmood, Executive Editor

Sahar B. Mahmood is an esteemed Assistant Professor at the Department of Architectural Engineering and the director of the Heritage Conservation Research Program (HCRP) at Koya University. Her outstanding contributions in the field of architectural conservation have been recognized through prestigious honors, including the Weinberg Fellowship in Architectural History and Preservation from the Italian Academy at Columbia University and the SAH-GETTY International Program Grant from the Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) and the Getty Foundation. With a Ph.D. in Architectural Engineering focused on Heritage Conservation from the University of Baghdad, Sahar's research interests span various areas, such as conflict and post-conflict heritage, the preservation of religious and ethnic minority communities' heritage, Iraqi vernacular architecture, and the history of architecture. She has actively participated in international conferences, workshops, and initiatives dedicated to safeguarding endangered heritage in the Kurdistan Region. Sahar's commitment to architectural preservation extends beyond academia, as she serves as an editor for the Remembering Mosul website and has contributed to international teams working to protect threatened heritage. As a consultant architect, member of the Iraqi Engineers Union, and former councillor for the European Architectural History Network (EAHN), Sahar continues to make significant contributions to Aro's mision, [click to view her TAP].
[⮹ e-mail: sahar.basil@koyauniversity.org]

S. Mohammad Sajadi, Executive Editor

S. Mohammad Sajadi is full professor of phytochemistry at Cihan University-Erbil, Iraq. He studied pure and applied chemistry at Kurdistan University, Iran, then he continued his M.Sc. study in phytochemistry in 2006. In 2009, he joined Soran University as faculty member and then Ph.D. researcher to continue his research in the fields of phytochemistry and green nanotechnology. Up to now, Dr. Sajadi has achieved many national and international awards following a number of his publications in high impact peer reviewed journals. Besides his contribution in publication of four scientific text books in the field of green nanotechnology and more than 340 research papers in his research interests (GSC), He was selected by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) as 1% world highly cited authors in the field of chemistry in 2019 to now, 2% world highly scientist by Stanford University in 2021 and first ranked chemist in Iraq in 2021. Besides the above achievement, Dr. Sajadi is a Foreign Technology Officer in Suzhou Yihe Yongli New Energy Co. Ltd., China since Feb. 2022. [click to view her TAP]. [⮹ e-mail: smohammad.sajadi@cihanuniversity.edu.iq]