ARO Journal is published and funded by Koya University, which allocates a sustainable budget according to governmental resolutions. The journal does not charge any article processing or submission fees. The peer review process is conducted by a range of national and international volunteer experts, including scientists and academics. 

To ensure wide and affordable access while maintaining high quality and full editorial independence, ARO Journal accepts regular funding from various sources, including:

1. Ministry of Higher Education: Regular governmental support to cover operational costs.
2. National Organizations: Financial contributions from national institutions.
3. Private Sectors: Sponsorships and financial support from private companies.
4. Commercial Sponsorship: Funding from commercial entities interested in supporting academic publishing.
5. Product Advertisement: Revenue generated through advertising products in the journal.
6. Volumes' Hardcopies Sales: Income from the sale of printed volumes of the journal.

The Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, and Secretarial Office are full-time staff members supported by Koya University.