Synchro Software-Based Alternatives for Improving Traffic Operations at Signalized Intersections

Keywords: Level of service, Optimization, Signalized intersections, Synchro software


Traffic congestion is a considerable problem in urban arterials, especially at signalized intersections. Signalized intersections are critical elements of the highway system, thus improving their performance would significantly influence the overall operating performance of the system in terms of delay and level of service (LOS). The aim of this study is to assess the capacity performance of two signalized intersections in Duhok city, namely, Zari land intersection and Salahaddin Mosque intersection using the procedure in the Highway Capacity Manual and Synchro software. Total intersection delay, LOS, and volume to capacity ratio (v/c) were the measures of effectiveness used for comparison purposes. Different optimization alternatives have been tested to improve current and future performance. The results have shown that the Zari land intersection is currently operating at LOS F with an average delay of 590 s/veh and high values of v/c at specific movements. Results of optimization show that the scenario of creating an overpass with a change in cycle length and adding one additional lane in each direction is the best alternative to improve its performance to the LOS D with the maximum v/c ratio of 0.86. For Salahaddin Mosque intersection, the delay can be reduced from 544 s/veh (LOS F) with high values of v/c at the major street through movement to an average delay of 70 s/veh (LOS E) and maximum v/c ratio of 1, when cycle length and geometrics are changed, and approaching traffic from the minor street is prohibited.


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Author Biography

Nasreen A. Hussein, Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Duhok, Kurdistan Region - F.R. Iraq

Nasreen A. Hussein is a Lecturer at the Department of CivilEngineering, College of Engineering, Duhok University. She got the B.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering, the M.Sc. degree in Transportation Engineering and the Ph.D. degree in Traffic Engineering. Her research interests are in signalized intersections performance evaluation (safety and capacity), pavement condition and traffic flow theory.


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