Reliability of Trigonometric Transform-based Multi-Carrier Scheme

Keywords: Multi carrier Modulation, OFDM, DFT, DCT, DTT


This work is looking for a new physical layer of a multi-carrier wireless communication system to be implemented in low complexity way, resorting to suitable fast transform. The work presents and assesses a scheme based on Discrete Trigonometric Transform with appending symmetric redundancy either in each or multiple consecutive transformed blocks. A receiver front-end filter is proposed to enforce whole symmetry in the channel impulse response, and bank of one tap filter per sub-carrier is applied as an equalizer in the transform domain. The behaviour of the transceiver is studied in the context of practical impairments like fading channel, carrier frequency offset and narrow band interference. Moreover, the performance is evaluated in contrast with the state of art methods by means of computer simulations, and it has been found that the new scheme improves robustness and reliability of communication signal, and record lower peak to average power ratio. The study demonstrates that front-end matched filter effectively performs frequency synchronization to compensate the carrier frequency offset in the received signal.


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Author Biography

Samah A. Mustafa, Department of Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering, Salahaddin University-Erbil, Erbil, Kurdistan Region.

Samah Mustafa received her BSc and MSc degree in Electronic and Communication Engineering from Mosul University at 1992, 1998 respectively, and PhD degree in Electronic and Communication Engineering from Baghdad University at 2004. She has worked as a visiting lecturer in Technical College and Technical Institute, Kirkuk during 1992-1996. Since 1999 she has been an academic staff with the Electrical Department in the College of Engineering Salahaddin University, Kurdistan-Iraq. Dr. Samah was a recipient of the IWFF Award in 2009, Endeavour Research Fellowship Award in 2012 and the FTFF award in 2013. She was a visiting academic at the School of EECS at the University of California, Berkeley during 2009-2010, and a visiting academic at the School of ITEE at the University of Queensland during 2012-2103. Her research interests include digital communication systems, signal processing, wireless network and Microwave imaging.


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